The Partnership Agreement … For Successful Participation:

This document contains the formal agreement between Client and Coach/Therapist. It also provides important information for the client about the therapy partnership with Ingeborg Mooiweer – ‘MetaMindBreakthrough’. We suggest you carefully read the whole document and note any questions you may have.

We ask you to fully participate in and utilise this unique partnership. Use the available communication channels to make known the successes and limitations you encounter along the way.

What to expect:

Our clients usually experience periods where they are greatly extended by the work that we do, and during the course of the Therapy Partnership, you may expect to encounter some difficulty. This is because many of the forces and dynamics that shape our experiences can limit us are beyond our everyday awareness. As the Therapy Partnership progresses such ingrained patterns will be identified and worked through.

A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always wanted to be!
Tom Landry

These experiences are diverse and may at times take the form of intense internal resistance or external circumstances. Ingeborg Mooiweer – ‘MetaMindBreakthrough’ partnerships are designed to elicit and work with such experiences, and their occurrence is more than ‘par for the course’ – it is a positive sign that you’re right on track. We ask that you stay with it, communicate and engage further. This point in a Therapy Partnership is of immense value and can be contained and worked through to break through and access the powerful potential in the partnership process.


Coach and therapist Ingeborg Mooiweer – ‘MetaMindBreakthrough’ will do everything possible to make the therapy experience a success. On the part of the client, commitment is expected. That is, commitment to one’s own process. To ensure the necessary bond of trust, coach/therapist, and client both take care of each other (in connection with keeping appointments and the like).


All that is discussed will remain confidential. As a Coach/Therapist, Ingeborg Mooiweer – ‘MetaMindBreakthrough’ is bound by a code of ethics to maintain the confidentiality of what is discussed. The file that is kept is also confidential and for personal use. Contact with third parties (e.g., GP) will only be made after consultation and with the client’s consent.

An exception to this can only be made in case of a legal obligation to provide information or there is a serious danger for the client (as for example in the situation of imminent suicide or a criminal action that the client wants to carry out).


Regular evaluation of the process and the ability to openly express and discuss any dissatisfaction, questions or doubts on both sides are an essential part of the therapy. The starting point is equality.

Cancelling appointments:

A cancellation without notification or within 24 hrs of appointed consultation incurs loss of consultation. Consultations are specific to the agreed time and do not accumulate. This applies unless negotiated in advance. In genuine circumstances, follow-up appointments may be made at our discretion if availability permits.

Cancellation via email or by calling +316 23209229, or via WhatsApp/text message. If the session does not take place on the part of Ingeborg Mooiweer – ‘MetaMindBreakthrough’, the client does not owe any costs, and Ingeborg Mooiweer – ‘MetaMindBreakthrough’ is in no way liable for any damages suffered by the client.

Client Agreement Cancellations prior to contract completion require one month’s notice in advance in writing. Client cancellation incurs a penalty equivalent to one month’s fee. Paid-in-full agreements receive pro-rata fee return minus one month’s fee.

Contract Cancellations:

We reserve the right to terminate Therapy Partnership Agreements. Advance fees held by us will be reimbursed where applicable, less initial deposit payment.

Contact in addition to the sessions:

Besides the agreed sessions there are 4 feedback sessions in the program via WhatsApp or mail. Client can submit a question/problem or theme via this number:
+316 23209229 asking what feedback he/she wants or via email. Ingeborg Mooiweer – ‘MetaMindBreakthrough’ will provide personalized feedback, help or advice within 24 hours on weekdays.
Short emails and messages, about appointments or the assignments, for example, are included in the process price.

Payment terms:

Prior to the partnership confirmation of payment terms needs to be finalised. You as the client can prepay in advance to access the prepayment discount or pay monthly as of the 1st of the month. To secure your participation in the partnership, the 1st months payment needs to be made prior to commencement if paying monthly.

Outstanding Accounts:

Outstanding fees not within the above terms are liable to a 20% penalty plus any collection and/or legal costs.


As a rule, sessions last 75 to 90 minutes. Occasionally 2 hours also occurs.
Ingeborg Mooiweer – ‘MetaMindBreakthrough’ is responsible for timekeeping.

Best results are achieved within the partnership when the number of sessions agreed upon are forecasted and secured and taken within 12 months. Sessions must be fulfilled upon within a 12 month timeframe.


The client remains at all times responsible for their own mental and physical health. Ingeborg Mooiweer – ‘MetaMindBreakthrough’cannot be held liable for actions of the client. It is the responsibility of the client to inform Ingeborg Mooiweer – ‘MetaMindBreakthrough’ correctly about all matters concerning the mental and/or physical health condition that could be relevant to the content of the sessions.

I agree to honour the spirit, practices and agreement of this Therapy Partnership Agreement including: maintaining high levels of self-care in all my affairs, being coach-able, communicating fully and immediately to Ingeborg Mooiweer – ‘MetaMindBreakthrough’ any concerns, questions or information that may be in any way relevant to my participation in this program. I also fully accept and understand the content of this partnership agreement specifically the cancellation, confidentiality and the terms of payment of this agreement.

I agree to wholly participate in the Therapy Partnership and I understand that I am responsible for creating my own results. I will fully and actively support this agreement and champion my own personal development and education. I am ready, willing and able and I fully request the Therapy Partnership of Ingeborg Mooiweer – ‘MetaMindBreakthrough’.


I agree that the material, therapy/coaching and concepts provided in the course of this Therapy Partnership is fully and solely for the purposes of my own personal development. I further agree not to deliver or reproduce verbally or in any other form without prior written permission, any intellectual property, material or such provided by Ingeborg Mooiweer – ‘MetaMindBreakthrough’, which includes part of any teaching, coaching, therapy, training, consulting or any other business endeavour, either directly or in an adapted form.

Personal data:

The client provides permission to keep his/her personal data documented through intake form + the notes made of the conversations by Ingeborg Mooiweer – ‘MetaMindBreakthrough’.


Last Update: 1 February 2024